Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 9.24.54 AM.png
Costume: Paris Hilton
Life Stage: Preoperational (2 to 7 years)
Vocab Term: Egocentrism
Explanation: If you dress up like Paris Hilton, you may become self centered and egotistical like Paris Hilton has been described as being. Paris Hilton displays egocentrism by only thinking of herself and does not care about anyone but herself.

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 9.27.28 AM.png
The Man with No Laws
Gandi fits under Kohlberg’s moral development of stage of post-conventional, social contract. Gandi saw beyond the law, in that everyone deserves equal rights as people. He had no problem acting out against an oppressive government, even if it was against the law. He did what was universally right. He was not bound by the rule book.

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 9.30.08 AM.png Costume: Cupid
life stage: Intimacy vs Isolation Young adult, 19-40
Cupid is in this stage because he is a matchmaker in love but he himself does not have true love. He is isolated and lonely without anyone to love. He shoots people with his arrows so they fall in love.

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 9.34.24 AM.png
Costume: Understanding Judge
Life Stage: Preoperational Stage 2-7 years old
Near the end of the Preoperational Stage, children develop Theory of Mind. Theory of Mind is understanding other people’s points of view. A judge has to understand other’s views and feelings to be successful in their job.

Costume Name: Dictator Dadexternal image 2IvN60CicKR58Q0A4XdeVe9tOFlpbHaA8xPg0Spe1cJKGPuBc0Gf9X78Bk2Jy9R4rRbA4RV6wszYPJMjGvl4EiRHbyPEDmZDv4GCZb_LTqEK3RZVgI8external image oYJ4ETzqLDEV2nIu7Je-T4oT7rcb0gg1g8J_EAL5ee-uVuxxsRRDorCFSkJE3SJY2QTbcZX5o68yP3sDgiWjBR01cZ-GM4Fcq9yrvj3_zojgPTWlLPk

Concept: Authoritarian Parenting
Explanation: Dress up as Hitler or any dictator and take along a younger sibling or a child off the street. When doing this you can feel like an authoritarian parent and act as you have complete control over the child's actions for the night. While wearing this you can have the complete control over them but not have to feel anything towards them. While wearing this you get the experience of being a dictator without the experience of having a child.

Costume Name: The Dictatorexternal image Kq7_dbCK0j_DtkjTJpf3rAsw1cy-2s13gKnAD1ZKV3wSnl67ahlxIe-brjpM7Wl4MjIoTEMwoNg3Ovs7BGpQMTplXIWcTKF8cgBKu8LShGOR9b7sgWk
Concept: Parenting Styles (Authoritarian Parents)
Explanation: Authoritarian parents are like dictators.They have a low level of responsiveness and very high expectations.

Couple Costume Name: Hot & Coldexternal image iAdvoCDpya1cu352s-KUY3ZwVGWWLOL0J8XDmD0-D1er2InlIblFjsTQELYfmFLhzlPQjNtlg2xk19NNl7pMu15ubNH_WjIN2WLsSVngg5bizw5wJVYexternal image RLBgX1yP5ws2gkkgNwtP1q0Wubi_FKui4aFd51kjzJ-kQvi1yKTblJcbtOUl4OKw3xND023Sud4nHCir--1lGq2WSynP327pGO1N6H-qhPcJkUUQBSo

The one half of the costume is Authoritarian {Judge Judy} and the other half is permissive {bear}. The authoritarian side is holding a gavel to show that they are dictator-like and demanding. The teddy bear costume shows love to the child but doesn’t have any expectations for the child.

external image HUW0IDZP4lTLE--brBDsgF1TUbxJ6huJJPo61Y3E5esqGZtM6CvYEaq3PkuthP6rBBWpgCdw-b-a2v8kJPPPNtjMulj99NjHqdIiWRJHnzyf0HVsGiY

Costume name: Dora The Explorer
Life Stage: Preschool 3-5 years "Initiative v. Guilt" - Erikson
Explanation: Like Dora, children need to explore with their own ideas. After an exploration, Dora always sings the catchy tune “We Did It!”. This song lets Dora express her feelings of accomplishment after a big mission. Children also have feelings of accomplishment when they succeed.
Definition: Children need to begin asserting control and power over the environment. Success in this stage leads to a sense of purpose. Children who try to exert too much power experience disapproval, resulting in a sense of guilt.

external image b8_iBI26egebO8VPeCYwE09ZhO5yKQD0KGNkCs8_mH2a_79_3iTNbJ5PK2P3vbg0Z-JLfhZRkDb5CVVic_7r3OWtafCNdnMeN7h7U2P0ZrM0Cyt2Zgo
The Riddler exemplifies confusion, as he continuously asks riddles to his victims. Teens from 12-18 face Identity vs. Role Confusion. This is the stage {according to Erikson} in which they are confused about who they are and what they want in life. Teens need to develop a sense of self and personal identity. If teens cannot accomplish their formal identity they can become confused about who they are. The riddles are actually everyday problems that teens face that question who they are, and what they stand for.

external image GvOh7Z3-Eaw2tPuKp9aYpqBNXMnJ5cihY1Q8kGjZCxKyqBn6XttMdeguz_SJNIwqLskSpKzDpDBvCV4mu4A4U5tdzJ2dUqYkse4OBtO7tXfK9oQngFc

Costume Name: PUPPY POWER

Life Stage Conventional: In Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, the age group of 9-20 years old begin to value what others will think of their actions.

Explanation: The laws are for the good of the society and not just to avoid punishment. The Puppy Power costume shows Conventional moral development, because Superman enforces the law and makes sure everyone obeys the rules for the common good of society.

external image GcPQh-f3QLoOUG7G1sIDhOJKXaNezR6CQeZxL1uqXB7nugh8tojZrDJQJ32IjKOPfUEawfRj2vsQtEZtrtWp8DxNdIegc44Ee7ovq-t3YJKLbR3WaIETerm: sensorimotor (stranger anxiety); Piaget Costume: Kangaroo with baby in pouch Description: in sensory motor stage, stranger anxiety is a dominant feature. Children are afraid of strangers and cling to parents as a baby kangaroo clings to their mother in pouch.

Image: Kangaroo costume

Sherlock Holmesexternal image NEY9qBUf-qZ7iuFjwbHVh7iUk0yFIOUbfg06YmSqsQFuCFBZLV8_mE5RHRu-F7ymBRfXIBBoZFM-QOPo1EqjtIRmmCgsXhaJiWToX-HEvuEd5V05CWo
Piaget's Formal Operational Stage - Ages 11 and up
Like Sherlock Holmes, when you are in the formal operational stage, you are able to use deductive reasoning, logic, and hypothetical thinking. Using these higher level methods of thinking, you will be able to solve crimes committed by the mastermind criminal Moriarty!

Costume 1: Robin Hoodexternal image 8g1HPvM5L1Zk2jxkiyZjzMo5ds9ydnyXWcL709mlnHjuJKlLR2xgqZChkvQ2Vsej0J01rjWhsskq0BWiI0xWOMc5wpMvUe_sh59PcqnXY7MRanzQaMc
Life Stage: Middle Adulthood Generativity vs. Stragnation
Concept: According to Erik Erikson adults in this stage need to feel that they have created something or nurtured something that will outlast them, by benefiting others and having children. When this is accomplished one feels useful. When one does not achieve this they are left feeling stuck in a life they do not what or unimportant to the world.The costume Robin Hood relates to this because he spent his life helping the poor, giving him a feeling of usefulness or generativity.

external image 9Hzgtn6yZTlR3HLeBXzUUrMDEy7kL5Z0VlNZ_sgGopxHk3X8fmklcbmRp1gS9okNL8kNZwkdWwP9bMGMvLLEs__B3W5hctuWr-i1NMj3ma7_6er9DznyCostume:Robot
Life stage: Sensorimotor
Explanation: Be a Robot! Though only capable of basic motor actions like crawling and walking, you will begin to imitate the things around you! You can use your senses but beware of putting things in your mouth! You may begin to experience habituation as a robot as you become used to the stimulus’s around you but as a robot, you don’t wanna be too far away from your owner when going to retrieve candy for you may experience some stranger anxiety, even though your owners might just be around the corner, robots have no sense of object permanence so you can’t distinguish whether they are even in existence any longer. beep beep. Be a robot!

Costume: Mr. Lazyexternal image Czd4g5EBYe4Q421acM0jDvD5AjKoTzda7aPoIs1X1khRX8ee4-Vv8JTnS2vDPhrm0Cg_d2S0OWtB9es5nUCC2qtRcZkJabgqiB-Thu2eAGLCVLbtd20
Concept: Neglectful parenting
Selling Point: Neglectful parents care little about their children. They are not very responsible and do not demand much. Mr. Lazy does not really care what happens, he’s just along for the ride.

CAUTION - this next costume could be offensive to some; it was meant as pure humor!

external image EzMvL2BZ3DbKDXjv6rlpT1h0OKCW-TR0n8YyNUeykhOUSmtJSdxBrn5oN7V3_8xUspSuNvyda0opjcz3fil60wbEq0aqCByAbm-D52fz_Y_S9BaBhO8
Costume: Lost Puppy
Life Stage: Alzheimer’s
Selling Point: Be this old lady with Alzheimer’s! She can’t remember where she put her dog. Oops! There it is!

Costume Name: Thomas Jefferson
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.12.54 PM.png
Life Stage: Kohlberg’s Postconventional Stage (Social Contract)
Selling Point: Dress up like Thomas Jefferson and show your support for Social Contract! Social Contract is the belief that people all over the world deserve certain basic rights like life, liberty, and freedom. (Just like Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence.) Kohlberg believed not many people reached this stage in morality, so there are a limited amount of costumes available. Act fast, before the costumes run out!

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.26.32 PM.pngAnimism: Animism is in the Preoperational stage of Jean Piaget's cognitive stages of development! Animism is giving an inanimate object feelings. Jessie is a cowgirl doll in the animated movie Toy Story. This costume is for children ages 2-7 years old.

Dress like your favorite Toy Story Doll, Jessie! Experience how it feels to be a great cowgirl with a cool red hat.

Costume Name: Facebook
external image tEPl_E3266PGHTq7F2wpiviyo1FUfmyLTdUj6C4Ytwk2xDnL3-PtHoJpwlBmnKlgbhSxJ-cPhaAJKNvkAQbK3tiClsk6DrGmGng5nqF8E2xkXbzyhc0

Life Stage: Erikson’s social stage of “Identity vs. Role Confusion”
Selling point/explanation (define and apply stage to costume): Have you ever felt like you need to develop a sense of self and personal identity and make more social relationships? Then Facebook is just the costume for you. Show off how social you are and what you “like” with this fun costume idea.

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.25.05 AM.png

Costume Name: Bird’s eye view
Concept: Theory of mind
Explanation: This concept occurs at the end of Piaget’s Preoperational stage. Theory of mind is the ability to understand another’s point of view. In the bird’s eye view costume, you can view things from above, as if you were a bird!

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 2.24.00 PM.png

Costume name: Egocentrism Costume
Life stage: Piaget’s preoperational stage
Selling point: Wear this costume if you, like a child, think the world revolves around you.

external image HSzHduu0eDWtBT3pSHP2S37BgIRkWA-NYLZz31cBKC5egEAbVwGu63h0DvujsssEqCuSRPC6hlG13JZdwatlkZM7Yc-y_O_d4zRrJhsdzbtaVavwG44R
external image Grq-16E62n9D7e9CCZrmDGP-UZsFGlNVVO10Na6MvUvV3EyQobrIa-XsIf3ZEULdjE6QmFAHEazNbj9ibZoW4-tlSPQMST2lZhm4-XU8R-5LQeURoR8Costume Name: Waldo

LIfe Stage: Piaget’s Sensorimotor; Object Permanence
Selling Point: Object permanence is when an object/person is present even when covered.Dress up like Waldo so you can be invisible in plain sight.

Jean Piaget’s Sensorimotor Cognitive Stage of development: object permanence
‘Where’s Waldo’ relates to Jean Piaget’s concept of object permanence because he is still present even when he is covered or hidden. Even though Waldo is not visible to everyone, people who have acquired object permanence will be able to understand that Waldo is still there.

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.19.31 AM.pngTopic: Integrity vs. Despair, Erikson
Costume: Dumbledore
Explanation: When Dumbledore was about to die, he looked back on his life and realized the mistakes he made. he felt despair about the fate of his sister when he dueled his friend and she died.

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.22.37 AM.pngCostume: Octomom Concept/Vocab Word: Social Clock Explanation: Octomom felt the social pressure from people due to the expected timeline of life events that people are expected to go through, so even though she had kids already, she felt the need to have more.... 8 more.
Vocab Word: Fraternal Twins Explanation: When more than one egg is fertilized it produces fraternal twins and the Octa-Mom had multiple eggs fertilized at one time and gave birth to eight kids. This costume shows the Octa-Mom with her eight children. (And her huge lips!)

external image trSMHBxGrkFGvDQgrQavWKXue3knjDYE86FPGDqlJcbDu77ZEaKGMHjy6LaI7JbJw_Td0r2XecUS5q2OLs6_TIiiYqidkYdtMn75KanDo1LEHGmwQrYp
Authoritarian Parents Angry Birds Costume Authoritarian Parenting is one of the 3 parenting styles by Diana Baumrind. Selling Point: These costumes give a fun edge to a not so fun parenting style. These angry birds have high demands and expectations but low responsiveness or warmth. You better give them lots of candy!

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.44.29 AM.png
Costume Name: Perfect Match
Life Stage: Young Adult, Intimacy
Selling Point: Intimacy is when a person finds their perfect match. Peanut Butter and Jelly were made to go together. You and your significant other can put these on and prove to everyone how perfect you are for each other!

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.47.18 AM.png
Costume Name: Sweet Pea

Animism: Animism is giving inanimate objects human like traits. This is in Piaget’s Pre-Operational stage in the Cognitive map of development.

Selling Point: This person is dressed up as a pea pod which is an inanimate object. This shows animism because a pea can not walk around and talk unlike humans. **

Costume: Follow da momma Concept: The process by which animals form attachments during the critical period very early in life.
Vocab Term: Imprinting, Konrad LorenzExplanation: The babies dressed up in the duckling costumes are following the mother dressed up in the duck costume.

external image 8DjSh6O74-JiLJJczzKkmkmvP1vPGk1z07mxJAvz5J4ncRd270s0ivMvJqR16IPP3bwFNxHU57NnB5hU7dcCImeAzXssiKlj3AML-x9k0VzIaLsWm6CQScreen shot 2012-11-01 at 9.34.42 AM.png